Decorating Tips For Your Small Spaces

Interior design has a bigger impact on space than anything else. You can have the most gorgeous room in the house, and never want to spend time in it if it’s designed poorly. Likewise, a smaller space can quickly become the favorite in a home if it has the right elements. There are so many ways to make use of such an area, and really transform it into something special. With just a few tweaks, small becomes cozy, cramped becomes intimate and cluttered becomes eclectic. You just need to know what to do.

Use light the right way– Let’s illuminate the situation, shall we? Light plays an absolutely huge role in every design. Nothing looks good with a single overhead lamp. Try playing around with how you light your space. Just a few lamps scattered around will do wonders, while hanging string lights cast an even glow on everything. Just don’t forget the natural light! While window coverings play a big role in the design, don’t let them limit how much light is coming into your small space. 

Find multi-purpose items- When planning how best to use your small space, functionality is key. Try to find furniture that has more than one purpose, such as a couch that can fold out, ottomans with spare storage space, and chairs that can fold away. Limit real estate usage without sacrificing what you can do with it. 

Keep it clean- This means two things. First, don’t cram every piece of furniture that you think you might want in your small space. Let your pieces breathe a little bit– it will let the entire room benefit from the pieces you decide to keep. Second, keep it literally clean! A pair of shoes on the floor or jacket on the back of the couch can instantly make your room feel that much smaller. Try to keep track of what goes in and out, otherwise, you can find yourself overwhelmed. 

Find a good highlight and stay on a theme- The smaller the space, the more concise the theme needs to be. Whites and neutral tones. Autumn hues. Blues and light colors. Sticking with a theme will add cohesiveness to the entire room. That being said, a highlight can stick out even better. Be it patterned pillows, a bright trim or an accent piece, it will make the statement that much more powerful. 

Use your vertical space!- The higher the ceiling, the more real estate you have. Don’t be afraid to use it! Floating shelves add storage that otherwise wouldn’t exist, and give you a great opportunity to showcase some of your favorite items. A tall, slim bookshelf can also give you more room to highlight and get things up and visible. 

Plants go a long way- There’s something about a living plant that brings so much to space. It doesn’t have to be big, but it has a big impact. Whether it’s flowing ivy that spills over the edge of a bookshelf, or a single orchid rising above its surroundings, plants can breathe life into a small space. 

There are so many ways to use your small space effectively, but the best tip is to simply use your imagination! What do you think will look good? A set of mirrors can help lengthen the room, and the right rug can make the entire area look more open. It’s your space, own it. But also, get a plant.