Workouts You Can Do At Home

As we enter another month of stay-at-home orders, it feels less and less like a viable excuse to not work out. Taking care of yourself is so important, and it only gets more challenging the more you avoid it.  Fortunately, though the gyms are closed, there are a variety of ways to stay fit at home! From the humble pushup to the fat-burning plank, we’ve compiled some of the best ways to get in shape from the comfort of your living room. Check them out!

Sit-ups- Working on your abs can be particularly challenging, especially after a few months of working from home. But starting is the most difficult step, and you’re already there. You know how they go, find a clear area on the floor, and scrunch your feet towards your body until your knees form a 45-degree angle. Place your hands across your chest and, you guessed it, sit up. Start with 15 reps, take a rest, then do it again. Three sets of 15 will put you well on your way to fitness. 

Squats- Squats are a classic exercise, and much more challenging than people give them credit for. Using your own weight as resistance is a time honored tradition, and squats do that beautifully. Stand with your feet at shoulder width, and bend your knees until you’re nearly in a crouching position. Keep your back nice and straight, and then stand back up again. Simple, but effective. Again, try three sets of 15 reps to get the blood pumping. 

Wall Sits- Wall sits are great because all you need is a good wall. Simply find a smooth wall, put your back against it, and slide down into place. Try to get your thighs parallel to the floor, and hold that position for 1 minute, or as long as you can. After a few weeks of three reps of this workout, and you’ll notice a difference. 

Planks- Planks are… wow, just so difficult. Unfortunately, they’re also extremely effective. As one of the best ways to work out your core, you’ll start to feel the strain seconds after starting. Simply get down into a push-up position, but your weight on your elbows. Get up on your toes while keeping your body as straight as possible, and hold that for one minute. Try including three reps of this in the rest of your workout, and see the abs magically appear. As a bonus, you can even do side planks too!

Push-ups- Ah, the humble push-up. IT’s one workout that everyone knows, simply because it’s so effective. It works for several muscle groups at once, developing lasting results. Keep your back straight and, if you can, your knees off the ground. Lower your body to the floor, hold the position for one second, then back up. Try incorporating three sets of ten into the rest of your routine.