Day Trips Near Lewis Center

There’s something so special about taking a day trip. Somewhere between going out and taking a vacation, a day trip can make a single weekend feel like something out of the ordinary. And fortunately, living in Central Ohio, there’s plenty to go out and see! Why, just across county lines are stunning hiking trails, remarkable breweries, and cities and towns just aching to be explored. So why not stretch your legs and check out some of the beautiful places Ohio has to offer. 

Hocking Hills

Hocking Hills is home to some of the most amazing Ohio wilderness you’ll ever see. Just southeast of Columbus, Hocking Hills boasts caves, cliffs, and crevasses, towering rock formations, and plunging waterfalls, perfect for any adventurer. Spiderwebbed with short and long hikes linking different sections of the park together, there are ample opportunities to explore, and there are even areas for rock climbing, kayaking, and zip-lining. The highlight of the park, however, is the gigantic Ash Cave which forms a massive opening in the cliff that can be explored. 

The Wilds

The Wilds can only be described as an incredible anomaly. Located in Cumberland, The Wilds is an open-air safari and wildlife park, full of animals from across the Sahara and beyond. This 9,000+ acre conservation area is a partner of the Columbus Zoo and is home to giraffes, cheetahs, zebras, rhinos, and more. There’s something so amazing and peculiar about driving through Columbus one minute and then suddenly being surrounded by massive safari animals just an hour or so later. 

Loveland Castle

Speaking of unexpected sights in the midwest, did you know that there’s a castle nearby? It’s true! In Loveland, Ohio, you can visit Loveland castle, a towering structure reminiscent of knights, kings and medieval fortresses. Also known as Château Laroche, Loveland Castle is a museum and event space built in the 1920s by Harry Andrews. Andrews was a jack of all trades– a Boy Scout Troop leader, medievalist, and WW1 veteran, he built the castle by himself over the span of 50+ years. When he passed, he left it to his Boy Scout troop, The Knights of the Golden Trail, who continued to renovate it and keep it running. There are games to play, history to learn, and tons of activities to enjoy, but all pale in comparison to simply being in a castle. 

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum

Pyramid Hill is a work of art on its own. Located in Hamilton, it’s 300+ acres of a stunning outdoor sculpture park full of massive pieces and thoughtful exhibits. You can drive your car through it or rent a very convenient golf cart to see everything it has to offer. Once you’re done with outside, check out the ancient sculpture museum to see statues, busts, and other Greek, Roman, Syrian, Egyptian, and Etruscan artwork thousands of years old. 

National Museum of the U.S. Air Force

The U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton is a sight to behold. There are few times you actually consider how large these jets are, but seeing them up close and personal really makes you realize the sheer scale of these machines. The museum has over 360 aerospace vehicles, from WW1 biplanes to the first jet fighters and the classic F-14 Tomcat, and has exhaustive exhibits of the illustrious history of U.S. military aviation.